From the futility of conjuring any semblance to creative inspiration after a gruelling day in the City, and an arduous journey to Lewisham Art House arose the need to locate my studio at my home. Its position at the end of my garden presents my neighbours the pleasurable experience of watching me paint and whistle away into the night to my favourite Salif Keita, Andreas Vollenweider and Fela.


I continue to seek avenues and opportunities to enhance visibility and access to my work by working with publishers to create book cover artwork; graphic illustrations, cartoons and sketches for music album covers, educational press and commercial art publishing. Though I have been unable to exhibit publicly in recent years (my last one-person show being the RACE exhibition at Didi Museum, Lagos, Nigeria in 1998), I continue to do private studio viewings on appointment.

Most of my paintings are self-initiated and I work on several things simultaneously. The oldest piece still in execution (Judgement Day) was started in 1992.





'Amandla' mixed media